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Mar 7 2011

An Arabia without Sultans? Reflections from Bahrain


By Neil Ketchley The fences snake for miles, often with no discernable entrances. Sometimes they are ornate brick constructions, with large blazing lamps every metre or so. Often they’re just anonymous metal sheeting or chain-links anchored by metal posts. Every … Continue reading

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Dec 8 2010

The lack of substance behind Brazil’s and Argentina’s recognition of Palestinian independence


By Guy Burton Brazilian flags have been highly visible on Ramallah streets over the past few days, almost as much as in June and before the country crashed out of the World Cup. Their presence has much to do with … Continue reading

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Nov 29 2010

The Complexities of Power Sharing in Iraq

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By Caelum Moffatt On 25 November, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani officially invited incumbent Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to form a government. According to the Iraqi Constitution, the Shiite leader of the State of Law Coalition (SLC) will now have 30 … Continue reading

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