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Mar 3 2012

Argentina’s foreign policy in Kirchner’s second term

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By Federico Merke Since the return to democracy in 1983, Argentina’s foreign policy has been tied to the changing patterns of its political system and development model. In the 80’s, the main problem was the country’s democratic stability and the … Continue reading

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Aug 4 2011

Brazil’s International Rise: an overview of limitations and constraints

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By Guy Burton At a recent presentation to the LSE Ideas Centre, Roberto Jaguaribe, the Brazilian ambassador to the UK, painted a relatively positive picture of Brazil’s regional and global role.  He noted Brazil’s efforts to achieve greater regional integration, … Continue reading

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Mar 3 2010

Understanding the End of the Cold War

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By Dr Nicholas Kitchen The end of the Cold War is arguably the most important event to hit the discipline of international relations since the first chair in the subject was created at Aberystwyth in 1919. Academics in the field … Continue reading

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