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Jan 10 2012

Malaysia: Catch-22 Implications of Anwar Ibrahim’s Acquittal

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On the government of Malaysia’s side it is whether or not to appeal against the High Court decision to acquit the former Deputy Prime Minister of the charge of sodomy under the country’s Penal Code. Both the government and the … Continue reading

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Dec 12 2011

Myanmar – Mixing Hope with Realism

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Dr. Zarni from the Human Security and Civil Society Unit of the Department of International Development LSE was sceptical and pessimistic about the political changes taking place in Myanmar which have given rise to hope the regime there is embarked … Continue reading

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Mar 15 2011

Exporting “People Power”? The Philippine Revolution 25 Years Later


by Emmanuel Yujuico
As the Philippines recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of this event, several of its problems from quarter of a century ago remain unresolved, as do new ones which have emerged from giving mass demonstrations nearly equal billing to electoral processes. Then, as now, Western commentators tend to ascribe yearning for freedom and democracy as drivers of “People Power.” With jubilant scenes from Tunisia and Egypt now commanding airtime, returning to the country that started it all yields insights as well as caution. Continue reading

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