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May 6 2012

Leap of Faith: Perspectives on Drug Legalisation Following the Summit of the Americas

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By Jacob Parakilas After decades as a seemingly unchallengeable feature of the new global system, the prohibition of drugs is finally coming under sustained criticism from a broad-based coalition, which for the first time includes sitting heads of state. While … Continue reading

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May 15 2011

A country polarised: Peru’s 2011 election

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by Francisco Durand Peru’s 2011 runoff election on June the 5th is a critical, hotly contested election between two candidates who represent opposing views of Peru and its place in the world. A quick view at this polarized, highly competitive … Continue reading

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Aug 25 2010

Indigneous party prospects in Peru

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The decision by Peru’s indigenous communities to form a political party ahead of next year’s presidential election poses a number of questions. These include the prospects of such a party in Peru specifically and the relationship between social movements and … Continue reading

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