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Apr 11 2012

Islamutopia: A very short history of political Islam


This article is an introduction to a special series of posts commissioned by LSE IDEAS exploring Islamism and the Arab Spring. The series also includes articles on Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, with a concluding post on pluralism and minorities. By … Continue reading

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Feb 23 2012

Politics and the Falklands


By George Philip A few months ago, British Foreign Secretary William Hague made a speech at Canning House in which he promised upgraded and more constructive relations with Latin America. It is fair to say that this promise has not … Continue reading

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Feb 13 2012

Video Debate: Is the United States in Decline?

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On February 2nd 2012, Professor Michael Cox and Dr. Nicholas Kitchen of LSE IDEAS attended a debate at the Institute for the Studies of the Americas (ISA), where they argued against the motion that America is in decline. Arguing for … Continue reading

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