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Jan 29 2012

What next for Saif Gaddafi, Libya and the ICC?

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By Teddy Nicholson. On Monday 21st January a deadline that it now appears was not only arbitrary but also purely notional elapsed. This was the deadline for the current Libyan government to tell the International Criminal Court what they were … Continue reading

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Jun 29 2011

Cascading Normalization in the ‘Western Balkans’

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By Karlo Basta To a number of Western observers, last month’s arrest of Ratko Mladic brings to an end the long drawn out implosion of the former Yugoslavia. The arrest comes twenty years since the beginning of that country’s break-up, … Continue reading

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Mar 29 2011

Deadlock and Dialogue: The Principles of the “Iran Model”


By Robert Mason Ask a European diplomat what they think about Iranian negotiation strategy and they will accuse Iran of only being able to say “no”. Anyone who says “yes” either does not have the authority and/or risks jeopardising their … Continue reading

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