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Jan 11 2012

Revolution and Counter-revolution in the Middle East: A lecture by Professor Gilles Kepel


On November 16 2011, Professor Gilles Kepel of Sciences Po, a former holder of the Philippe Roman Chair at LSE IDEAS and a renowned scholar of Middle Easter politics, society and history, visited the LSE in order to deliver his … Continue reading

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Nov 23 2011

The Kingdom’s Quandary: Saudi Arabia’s “Iran Complex”

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Last month, Iran was accused of planning to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States, Adel Al-Jubeir, who is also one of King Abdullah’s closest advisors. As the startling details of the plot have grabbed the world’s attention, … Continue reading

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Apr 6 2011

Reflections on Violence and Nonviolence in the Arab Uprisings

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By Guy Burton Following the overthrow of the Tunisian and Egyptian presidents in the last two months, the Arab uprisings appear to have stalled. Across the Middle East, the region’s leaders appear to have absorbed the lessons of Tunis and … Continue reading

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