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Nov 19 2011

How Should ASEAN Respond to the Global Leadership Vacuum?

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Over the past few years, a leadership vacuum has opened within the global community. On the surface, this absence of leadership should provide opportunities for the smaller, less powerful states of the international system to rise up and fill the gap with ideas and initiatives of their own. Continue reading

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Apr 11 2011

China, the US and ADMM-Plus: Towards confidence building in Southeast Asia?

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by Dr Ramon Pacheco Pardo The year 2010 has been portrayed as a negative one for the Sino-American relationship. Differences over issues such as the yuan’s exchange rate, how to deal with the North Korean nuclear issue or respect for … Continue reading

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Mar 28 2011

What Can We Expect In The 2011-2012 Singapore General Elections?


By Mustafa Izzudin. Given that the pace has picked up in anticipation of the 2011-2012 Singapore General Elections (GE), what are the realistic prospects for the opposition this time around, and what are some of the considerations to be taken … Continue reading

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