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Jan 14 2012

The Persistent Myths of ‘Soft Power’

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By Parag Khanna The difference between the upcoming U.S. presidential election and previous iterations is that Republicans no longer have the upper on foreign policy. Their self-proclaimed monopoly on national security expertise hand and belief in a muscular international posture … Continue reading

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Apr 6 2011

Reflections on Violence and Nonviolence in the Arab Uprisings

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By Guy Burton Following the overthrow of the Tunisian and Egyptian presidents in the last two months, the Arab uprisings appear to have stalled. Across the Middle East, the region’s leaders appear to have absorbed the lessons of Tunis and … Continue reading

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Mar 23 2010

“The Connection Was Reset”: Google goes to War for the West


By Dr Nicholas Kitchen Internet users in China last night discovered that the domain redirected to, as the world’s largest search engine shut down its Chinese servers and redirected traffic to Hong Kong, where – crucially – the … Continue reading

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