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Feb 23 2012

Politics and the Falklands


By George Philip A few months ago, British Foreign Secretary William Hague made a speech at Canning House in which he promised upgraded and more constructive relations with Latin America. It is fair to say that this promise has not … Continue reading

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Oct 26 2011

The British dilemma of North Korean refugees


By Choi Lyong, PhD Candidate London School of Economics According to a UNHCR statistic report as of 2010, 581 North Korean refugees reside in the United Kingdom.[1] Great Britain has accepted more North Korean defectors than other country.[2] Since 2004, … Continue reading

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Sep 12 2011

Liberal Interventionism After Libya: Re-establishing Credibility and Deterrence


By John Collins. If one phrase were to sum up the situation within Libya right now, it would be: ‘it’s too early to tell.’ Prognostications, although often interesting, thought provoking and even occasionally useful as planning tools, are (at best) educated … Continue reading

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