Our Impact of Social Sciences project team are certainly softies for social media and its potential for dissemination. Here are some of our (and your) favourite social media posts from the past year.

Five minutes with Patrick Dunleavy and Chris Gilson: “Blogging is quite simply, one of the most important things that an academic should be doing right now”.
Patrick Dunleavy and Chris Gilson discuss social scientists’ obligation to spread their research to the wider world and how blogging can help academics break out of restrictive publishing loops.

I’m an academic and desperately need an online presence, where do I start?Salma Patel has been on a whistle-stop tour of academic social media channels. Here she shares her simple, practical tips for academics who want to start engaging with the wider world through social media.

More than just a pretty picture? How sociologists (and other social scientists) can use Pinterest
Between Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, academics can be forgiven for struggling to keep up with the social media boom. Deborah Lupton investigates the latest popular platform, Pinterest, and finds it can be more than just a pretty picture. In fact, it has potential to be of great value to sociologists and social scientists.

If you don’t have social media, you are no one: How social media enriches conferences for some but risks isolating others
13,000 tweets, 430 photos and over 2,000 video views later, Dr Lisa Harris and Nicole Beale have plenty of data to investigate how social networking can change the conversation at an academic conference. Here, they report that while social media opens a new dimension to academic discussion, there are still challenges that must be addressed with its use.

Preventing rigour mortis: our migration to social media does not spell the end of academic rigour
Academic research involving social media is still perceived as less rigourous than traditional journal publishing.
Alan Cann argues that while peer review remains the gold standard for quality research, we must apply this standard to the new unit of publication – a blog or even a tweet, not look down on the digital methods entirely.#


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