bright club collage1Episode 2: Bright Club: Outright hilarious outreach

Have you heard the one about university lecturers and researchers doing stand-up? This podcast looks at how academic minutiae can be a vehicle not only for gut-busting laughter but a strategy for public engagement. Bright Club, a self-styled ‘thinking person’s variety night’ started first and foremost as a comedy night – but with one twist – the comedians were also university researchers. Bright Club co-founder Steve Cross and comedians Alex Hall, Chiara Ambrosio, and Sarah Wiseman show us what’s so funny about academic research.

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Presented by Sierra Williams. Produced by Cheryl Brumley. Contributors: Steve Cross, Alex Hall, Chiara Ambrosio, Sarah Wiseman. Music and sound came courtesy of the following users at the Free Music Archive: Podington Bear (Boop and Twinkie ) and the following user at Raconoanimator (cue-scratch). Podcast logo: gcg2009 (Sennheiser). Image credit: MiggslivesChris Huggins, Sarah Wiseman, iCHSTM2013.
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