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Rapid Response Publishing in Covid Times

This series is made up of posts on the topic of Rapid Response Publishing, contributed over six weeks in October and November 2020.

As part of the series, there was a virtual roundtable featuring Professor Joshua Gans (Economics in the Age of COVID-19, MIT Press),  in conversation with Richard Horton (The COVID-19 Catastrophe, Polity Press and Editor of The Lancet), Victoria Pittman (Bristol University Press) and Qudsiya Ahmed (Cambridge University Press, India). The recording can be watched here.

The series sought to open up a set of questions on the role of short, fast books in responding to the pandemic, what risks the rise of such books might have and to ask whether the pandemic has changed academic publishing for good?

Contributions, compiled below, come from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives. Authors, publishers and academics from across the globe have contributed.

Series editor: Emily Cousens.


13. Why COVID-19 led Bristol University Press to introduce a Rapid Responses format, Vitoria Pittman- Bristol University Press

12. After the crisis economics needs to slow down, Joshua Gans 

11. Reflections on the rapid response roundtable, Helen Kara 

10. Pitching your book in the COVID age: can academics stay relevant when the world is falling apart? Katie Stileman- Princeton University Press

9. Academic Publishing in Nepal during the COVID-19 crisis, Min Pun

8. How I wrote and published a book about the economics of coronavirus in a month, Joshua Gans 

7. Read an exclusive extract from Richard Horton’s The COVID-19 Catastrophe, Richard Horton 

6. The Pandemic Needs an Information Solution, Joshua Gans

5. Register for our roundtable event: are fast books the future of academic publishing? Emily Cousens

4.How the pandemic has transformed research methods and ethics: 3 lessons from 33 rapid responses, Helen Kara and Su-ming Khoo

3. In the current climate, Rapid Ethnographic Assessments are the research method we need, Thurka SangaramoorthyKaren Kroeger

2. Three lessons COVID-19 has taught us about Open Access, Robert Kiley

1. The rush to research COVID-19 risks compromising research integrity and impact, Tina Haux

Are short, fast books the future of academic publishing?

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