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9th November 2009


10.00am -11.00 am: British Academy Project on Inequality and Affirmative Action

Introduction by:

Dr. Alpa Shah (Anthropology, Goldsmiths, University of London)
Dr. Ajay Gudavarthy (Centre for Political Studies/JNU)
Dr. Mukta Lama (Sociology, Tribhuvan University)

Short Presentatiosn by above with:

Dr. Sara Sneiderman (St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge)
Dr. Rob Higham (Institute of Education, University of London)
Dr. Sanghamitra Misra ( Jamia Millia Islamia)

11.00am-11.15am: Tea Break

Chair: Prof. Valerian Rodrigues                

11.15am–1.00pm: Theorising Inequality and Affirmative Action

Prof. Neera Chandoke (Political Science, DU)
Equality for what?

Prof. Gurpreet Mahajan (Centre for Political Studies, JNU)
Affirmative Action and Historical Injustices.

Dr. G. Aloysius (social activist)
The Reservation Discourse as viewed from within its Historical and Ideological Contexts.   

1.00pm–2.00pm: Lunch Break

: Dr. G. Aloysius ( Social Activist)          

2.00pm–3.30pm:  Categorisation and Historical Aspects

Dr. Kamala Shankaran (Law Faculty, D.U)
Constitution, Reservations and Courts.

Prof.Om Gurung (Anthropology, Tribhuvan University)
Indigenous Peoples of Nepal: Problems and Issues of Identification and Classification.

Suvash Dharnal (Dalit rights activist)
Dalit and Affirmative Action in Nepal: Issues and Contestations.

3.30pm-3.45pm: Tea Break 

: Prof. G. Haragopal (Political Science, University of Hyderabad)

3.45pm-5.30pm: OBCs and the Current Debate

Prof. Dipankar Gupta (Sociologist)
Reservation or Affirmative Action? Case of the OBCs.

Prof. Satish Despande (Sociology,  DSE)
Empirical Injustice, Practical Politics and Theoratical Justice.

Prof. Ronki Ram (Political Science, Punjab University)
Struggles for Reservation: OBCs in Punjab.

Dr. Lucia Michelutti (Oxford)
Dilemmas of OBCs in India.                                                           

10th November 2009

Session – 1 
: Prof. Sudha Pai (CPS/JNU)

10.00am – 11.30am: Women and Religious Minorities

Dr. Nivedita Menon (SIS/JNU)
Women, Identity and Reservation.

Prof. Surinder Jodhka (Indian Institute of Dalit Studies)
Affirmative Action and the Question of religious Minorities.

Prof. Zoya Hasan (Centre for Political Studies, JNU)
Politics of Inclusion: Caste and Minorities.

: Prof. Virginius Xaxa (Sociology,DU)

11.30am – 1.00pm: Reservation for Dalits and Indigeneous People

Prof. Gopal Guru (Centre for Political Studies, JNU)
Mapping Inequalities.

Dr. Clarinda Still (South Asia Studies, Oxford)
They have it in their stomachs but they can’t vomit it up: Reservations and ‘caste feeling’ in Rural South India.

Prof. Manoranjan Mohanty (Centre for Social Development)
Reservation and Self Determination.

Dr. Anand Teltumbde (Independent Researcher)
Reservations within Reservation : A Case Study of Sub-Castes.                                              

1.00pm-2.00am: Lunch break

: Prof. Manoranjan Mohanty (Centre for Social Development)

2.00pm-3.15pm: Education and New Dimensions

Prof. B. S. Chimni (Knowledge Commission)
Legal Education: Emerging Dimensions.

Prof. G. Haragopal (Political Science, University of Hyderabad)
The New Tribal Universities and Higher Education in India.

Dr. Amman Madan (Sociology, IIT Kanpur)
Three Models of Merit: Some Contrastin Implications for Pedagogy and Social  Stratification.

Dr. S. Srinivasa  Rao ( Zakir Husain Centre for Educational Studies/JNU)
HigherEducation Reform and Affirmative Action: Dilemmas of Equality.

Session – 4 
: Prof. Balveer Arora (Centre for Political Studies, JNU)

3.15pm-4.30pm: New Commissions and Alternative Mechanisms

Prof. Madhava Menon (Chairman: Equal Opportinities Committee)
Proposed Equal Opportunity Commission.

Prof. M.H. Qureshi (Centre for Study of Regional Development, JNU)
Debating JNU Model of Affirmative Action.

Dr. Chaitanya Subba (Advisor to the National Planning Commission and Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities)
Affirmative action and autonomy: Debate within and outside C.A Precinct.

Dr. Lynn Bennett (World Bank, Kathmandu)
The Nepal Inclusion Index.

4.30pm – 4.45pm: Tea Break

4.45pm Onwards:
Chair: Prof. Nandu Ram (Dean, SSS/JNU)

Valedictory Address by Prof. S. K. Thorat (Chairperson, UGC)

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