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Inequality and Poverty Seminar Series – Summer Term 2016.
6.06 A, 6th Floor, Old Building, LSE.

Please note that papers will be circulated one week in advance. There will be no presentation and participants are expected to have read the papers for the seminar. For all enquiries please write to Jayaseelan Raj at

Friday 29 April 2016: 2.00-4.30pm

1. Richard Axelby (LSE)
“The head teacher, the president and the Maulavi:  A history of affirmative action among ST Gujjars in Chamba District, H.P.”
2. Vikram Thakur (LSE)
“Leading Matters: Biography of Two Bhil Leaders from the Narmada Valley, Western India.”
Chair: Jayaseelan Raj

Friday 13 May 2016: 2.00- 4.30pm

1. Heribert Beckman (University of Tübingen)
“You’ll only have rice in your hands, if you put your feet in the mud!’ – reflections on the value of rice in the context of political-ecological change in a rice-cultivating village in Tamil Nadu, India.”
2. Brendan Donegan (LSE)
“The Good, the bad and the ugly: Industrialisation and labour control in rural Tamil Nadu.”
Chair: Richard Axelby

Friday 27 May: 2.00-4.30pm

1. Sruthi Herbert (SOAS).
“The ‘kiss of love’ in Kerala: protests, and ideologies of the local, regional and the national.”
2. Jayaseelan Raj (LSE).
“Beyond Multitude: Conceptualising women tea workers’ strike in the south Indian plantation belt.”
Chair: Brendan Donegan.

Friday 3 June: 2.00-4.30pm

1. Shreya Sinha (SOAS).
“Re-thinking Liberations in Indian Agriculture: Studying Agrarian Capitalists in Punjab.”
2. Nithya Natarajan (SOAS)
“Understanding real markets: the development of tobacco in Tamil Nadu.”
Chair: Dalel Benbabaali.

Friday 10 June: 2.00-4.30pm

1. Alice Tilche (LSE).
“Art, activism and indigeneity in western India. The case of the Adivasi Ekta Parishad.”
2. Dalel Benbabaali (LSE).
Chair: Vikram Thakur.