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Positive Action and Community Cohesion in the UK
8 July 2010 @ Art Workers’ Guild, 6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury, WC1N 3AT.

Arrival, coffee (9.15-9.45).

Introduction (9.45-10.15).
Dr Rob Higham (Institute of Education, London).
Dr Ajay Gudavarthi (JNU, Delhi) and Dr Sara Shneiderman (Cambridge).

Session 1

Equal opportunities and positive action: (10.15am-12.15pm).
Dr Maleiha Malik (Kings, Law) ‘Multiculturalism and the Single Equality Act 2010’.
Dr. Theo Gavrielides (Director, IARS, Mount Royal University, Open University) ‘Positive Action in the Equality Act 2010: new wine in old wineskins?’
Prof Anthony Heath (Oxford, Sociology) ‘Positive Action and procurement for equality in the UK’. 

Lunch (12.15pm-1.10pm).

Session 2

Multiculturalism and Community Cohesion:  (1.10pm-3.10pm).
Dr Kalbir Shukra (Goldsmiths, Centre for Urban and Community Research) ‘Community cohesion: challenges to anti-oppressive approaches in Community and Youth Work’.
Prof Audrey Osler (Leeds, Education) ‘Citizenship, diversity and ‘Britishness’ in schools and the curriculum’.
Dr Nasar Meer (Southampton, Sociology) ‘Taking stock: reflecting on British multiculturalism and Muslims under the era of New Labour’.

Tea (3.10pm-3.40pm).

Session 3

Community cohesion and local politics:  (3.40am-4.55pm).
Prof David Robinson (Sheffield Hallam University, CRESR, Geography): ‘Community Cohesion: Where is the Evidence?’
Dr Gareth Harris (Manchester, Politics): ‘The drivers and motors of BNP support’.

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