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Dipa Patel20

March 17th, 2020

Meet our Student Ambassadors

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Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

Dipa Patel20

March 17th, 2020

Meet our Student Ambassadors

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Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

Meet our eleven new Student Ambassadors: Catalina, Clara, Gya, Hari, Huiyi, Kassandra, Mirna, Nicole, Rahma, Shea and Yohannan, who will provide mentorship to incoming students for the new 2020/21 academic year. You can reach out to our Ambassadors via our email account. To contact an Ambassador directly, please add the Ambassadors name in the subject of the email:

Full name: Catalina García Pradilla

Programme: MSc Development Management

Optional courses taken: DV477: International Development Youth and Gendered Violence | DV433: The Informal Economy and Development |  PP412: Strategic Decision Making, Global Social Protection Design and Delivery

Home country: Colombia

Favourite spot in London: Reagent’s Canal

I am studying and MSc in Development Management. I have almost seven years of work experience in consulting and managing projects in Development. I have worked with non-profits, companies, entrepreneurships and government agencies in Colombia across different development issues.  I am interested in peace building, youth, and education for employment for vulnerable populations. I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese.

I enjoy travelling, specially to spend time in nature. I love to spend time in the parks of London (when the weather is not too cold). I travel in the city by bike and love doing yoga and contemporary dance.


Full name: Clara Bohle

Programme: M.Sc. Development Management

Optional courses taken: DV407: Poverty | DV428: Managing Humanitarianism | SP412: Non-Governmental Organisations, Social Policy and Development | DV458: Key issues in Global Health and Development

Home country: Germany

Favourite spot in London: White Mulberry Café at St. Katherine’s Docks (Tower Hill)

About me: Hi! I am Clara, I was born in Germany, and I am currently enrolled in the MSc Development Management. Before coming to LSE, I graduated from LMU Munich with a B.A. in Political Science and Law, as well as a B.Sc. in Economics.  Because my main research interest is poverty dynamics and its specific consequences on children, I am more than happy to have been able to work for “CHILDREN for a better World e.V.”, a German children’s rights NGO. Also, I was also able to gain work experience as a research assistant in the department of Behavioural Economics at LMU Munich, as well as from interning with the German parliament.

So far, my experience at LSE was fantastic and highly intensive. LSE is probably one of the most diverse and active places I have ever been to, and there is always something to do on campus. When I am not in the library, I love to do Zumba or discover new coffee shops around Covent Garden. As a student ambassador, I am very excited to not only share my experience of studying at LSE with incoming students in the hope of helping them to make the right decision for their personal and academic path but also to contribute to a more active student body.


Full name: I Gusti Ayu Sri Gayatri (Gya)

Programme: Msc in Development Studies

Optional courses taken: DV413: Environment Problems and Development Interventions | DV444: Global Health and Population Change | DV454: Gender, Labour Market and Public Action in the Global South | DV456: Population and Development (Evidence and Projection)

Home country: Indonesia. I am originally from Bali, but lived in Jakarta lately.

Favourite spot in London: Areas in front of City Hall, close to LSE Butler’s Wharf residence where I can see the old landmarks: Tower Bridge, Tower of London; and modern buildings in one frame

About me: My undergraduate major was Communications. This made me a bit nervous when I found out I was accepted onto LSE’s MSc in Development Studies. I soon realised that the program is truly interdisciplinary and that my professors are very helpful. I’ve taken the courage to pursue a specialism in Population Studies, which would have sound very mathematical to the undergraduate me, but it actually turns out to be doable. The office hour service is so far my favourite. I have found it to be very helpful!

Other than studying, I enjoy joining walking tours around London organised by LSE Life.  It is one of the best ways to make new friends from other parts of the world, enjoy London’s hidden spots, and exchange information on cool and affordable places to go. I also enjoy socialising during my stay at LSE Butler’s Wharf residence. If any offer holder likes to know more about life at LSE halls; affordable ways of hanging out in London; and tips to prepare academic life if you do not have economics/politics background, we might have good a conversation.


Full name: Dr. Harikeerthan Raghuram

Programme: MSc Health and International Development

Optional courses taken:  DV490: Economic Development Policy | DV444:Global Health and Population Change | MY405 Research Methods for Evaluation in Health Development and Public Policy | HP432: Mental Health Policy

Home country: India

Favourite spot in London: Pastation (it’s a cheap Italian restaurant on Tottenham Court Road)

About me: Though I started my period at LSE with different ideas, now I find myself passionate about the intersection of mental health, development and macroeconomic policy. I’m now keen on contributing to the knowledge of primary prevention in mental health. I think LSE has a way of challenging you and opening up your mind to alternate ways of thinking.

I love London, especially it’s architecture, public transportation and the wonderful walkability of the city which I so missed while in India. But sometimes the city can be stressful and that’s when I steal some time and go to one of my favorite places in London. Examples include Pastation, The British Museum, Primrose Hill, and anywhere besides the Thames.

Offer holders who are new to ‘western education’, new to social sciences or who plan to come with their partners/ families will definitely benefit from a chat with me. Wish you the best as you make your decision and prepare yourself for a fantastic year.


Full name: Huiyi (Jamie) Chen

Programme: MSc Development Studies

Optional courses taken: DV432: China in Developmental Perspective | DV480: Revolution and Development | DV424: International Institutions and Late Development | DV433: The Informal Economy and Development

Home country: Born in China, lived & studied in Canada, now in London

Favourite spot in London: Shakespeare’s Globe & Tate Modern / Notting Hill

About me: Hi! I am Huiyi. A Development Studies student with my name means “clever and happy”, and my life goal does lie in changing the world by helping someone with my wisdom and passion. I graduated from the University of Toronto, Canada, double-majored in International Relations & Political Science with a minor in Contemporary Asian Studies.

At LSE and the ID Department, I find myself among compassionate and intelligent brains who share the same aspiration with me, and the programme equips me with practical and cutting-edge knowledge. Currently, my research interests include power asymmetries in development practices and human-centred approaches in urban development, especially the sources of precarity and empowerment for marginalized populations in developing countries undergoing globalization.

As a classic Ravenclaw with an artistic soul, outside the LSE campus you will find me with my film camera around London, hunting down special exhibitions in museums/catching theatre shows in the West End/reading Foucauldian work in vintage coffee shops. Having been study broad for many years, I would love to share the International Student Survival Guide 101. If you feel like you’re a deer in the headlight nervous about living in a different cultural setting and studying in a different language, I’m the one here for practical advice : )


Full name: Kassandra Jones

Programme: MSc Health and International Development

Optional courses taken: DV442: Key Issues in Development Studies | DV458: Key issues in Global Health and Development | DV453: International Development Consultancy Project | HP412: Global Health Security | DV456: Population, Health and Development | DV457: Sexual and Reproductive Health Programmes: Design, Implementation and Evaluation | DV453: International Development Consultancy Project

Home country: I am from the United States, but I was born in Germany as my father was in the military. I moved to the United States as a child and have lived in quite a few different states.

Favourite spot in London: The Tate Modern and the Millennium Bridge

About me: I am absolutely fascinated with the intersection of the cultural, the political, and the biomedical which is why I chose to pursue a Masters in Health and International Development at LSE after graduating from the University of South Florida with a Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences and minors in Physics and Medical Anthropology. Specifically, I am interested in studying infectious diseases and emergency medicine and how people are impacted by those events on the individual and community level. After my time at LSE, I hope to spend a few years starting my career before moving on to medical school.

Outside of LSE, I love to spend my time learning languages, specifically Spanish and French, belly dancing, hiking, and travelling both within the UK and throughout Europe. I also enjoy exploring London, finding the best places to take photos, read, and discover amazing food that I can try to recreate in my flat.

I became a Mentorship Ambassador for my program because I remember how difficult it was to decide about graduate school, especially when you are unable to travel to the schools yourself. Please do not be afraid to reach out to me through email, Facebook, or LinkedIn if you want to learn more about the program or life in London. Cheers!


Full name: Mirna Paola Medina Silva

Programme: MSc International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies (IDHE)

Optional courses taken: DV428: Managing Humanitarianism | DV442: Key Issues in Development Studies | EU4A2: Globalisation, Conflict and Post-conflict reconstruction | DV457: Sexual and Reproductive Health Programmes: Design, Implementation and Evaluation | DV455: Advocacy, Campaigning and Grassroot Activism | DV453: International Development Consultancy Project

Home country: Nicaragua

Favourite spot in London: My favourite spot in London in the Hampstead Heath (“the Heath”), which I one of the biggest parks in London, and also one of the highest points in the city. It is a great place to do a long walk when you need some space from the busy London life without even leaving London.

About me: I am a young Latin-American woman, native Spanish speaker, passionate about working towards meaningful causes that support the end of human suffering. I am interested in gender and development, how gendered power relationships shape people vulnerabilities during humanitarian settings. I am also interested in social movements, and how change can happen from the bottom to the top.

I love creating order out of chaos; organising my timetables and updating my calendar as an IDHE master’s student was great fun for me. Yet, I appreciate it can be overwhelming, so I am happy to answer questions about course selection, core and optional courses, and IDHE in general. I am also happy to give any insights about being an international student (especially a non-native English speaker).

I love my time at LSE and in London. There’s always something happening; at LSE I have the opportunity to attend so many interesting talks and events, that I want to clone myself to go to all! And in London there are musicals, gigs, museums, site-seeing, iconic movie places.

Outside LSE, I am an enthusiastic salsa and Zumba dancer. I enjoy practicing yoga in the mornings and having meaningful conversations over a good cup of coffee.


Full name: Nicole Amondi Oloo

Programme: International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies

Optional courses taken: DV418: African Development | MC407: International Media and the Global South | DV435: African Political Economy | DV428: Managing Humanitarianism | DV442: Key Issues in Development Studies | DV453: International Development Consultancy Project

Home country:  Born in Kenya, lived in Tanzania, Singapore, undergrad in Manchester and now live in London.

Favourite spot in London: Shoreditch. So much to do and see!

About me:

I have a deep interest in African Development (that’s what I’m specialising in) but I am passionate about feminism, postcoloniality, politics and governance. I grew up in Kenya and I would love to eventually move back and settle there when I’m older. When I’m not drowning in school work I spend my time cooking,watching interior design videos on YouTube, and binge watching Netflix. I speak four languages and really terrible Spanish. I wouldn’t say I’m a music snob but I definitely prefer old school music, especially jazz and hip-hop.

During my time at LSE I have gotten involved with the Programme for African Leadership (PfAL), the Beecken faith and Leadership Programme and I have worked as a co-director for the LSE Africa Summit. I have also served as a SSLC rep for my course. Reach out to me if you would like any advice on being an international student, settling into London and looking for any extracurriculars to fill your time at LSE.


Full name: Rahma Lestari Anggraini

Programme: International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies

Optional courses taken: DV442: Anthropology and Development | DV428: Managing Humanitarianism | DV463: Civil society, security and development | DV453: International Development Consultancy Project | DV454: Gender, labour markets and social change in the Global South: theory, evidence, public action | DV455: Advocacy, Campaigning and Grassroot Activism

Home country: I was born and raised in Indonesia. But I lived in South Korea for 4 months in 2015

Favourite spot in London: LSE! Angel area, Camden Town

About me: I am Rahma, postgraduate student in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies, Course Year 2019-2020. Before coming to LSE, I worked as Market Research Consultant in Nielsen Indonesia for 2,5 years. I loved cooking, baking, research and studying language, so other than my native language and English, I also speak fluent Korean. London is vibrant city for studying to me, it allows me to get all resources I needed for my study and at the same time I get access to a lot of great musicals and concerts. So no need to worry about getting stressed because London offers you many facilities to destress. My subject and research interest is about Civil Society and Feminist Studies. LSE has allowed me to study directly from Jude Howell the expert of Civil Society and Naila Kabeer whose thoughts and work on feminist studies in global south are amazing. If you have any question about courses, living in London, studying in LSE, extracurricular in LSE, and anything feel free to ask me!


Full name: Shea Mann

Programme: MSc International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies

Optional courses taken: DV413 Environmental Problems and Development Interventions | DV462 Forced Migration and Refugees | MG460 Handling Disruption: Humanitarian Emergencies Management and Development

Home country
: I was born and raised in India but have spent the majority of my life in Australia. I have also lived and worked in Italy, Canada, Greece and New Zealand.

Your favourite spot in London: There are so many charming and unique places in London. I recently discovered Cecil Court or ‘Bookseller’s Row’ in Covent Garden, which is situated between Charing Cross Road and St Martin’s Lane. The pedestrian street is one of the oldest thoroughfares in Covent Garden. Boasting Victorian style shop-frontages, it is home to some twenty antiquarian and second-hand independent bookshops, some of which are specialists in first editions, early printing and rare maps and atlases. The perfect place for a bookworm!

About me:
I have recently been dedicating a lot of time to my dissertation, where I am researching social media’s role in abetting genocide in Myanmar. I speak Hindi, Panjabi, Urdu, Italian (although it’s a little rusty!) and am currently learning French. I love a good adventure and try to take short day trips outside of London on my weekends – weather permitting! I’ll soon be visiting Oxford University for a conference on migration and look forward to exploring the city while there. Besides this, I love yoga, life drawing and photography. I’m also always on the hunt for good sushi restaurants – my current favourite is Sticks’n’Sushi in Covent Garden!
I’d be only too happy to chat about all things LSE/ London. I know from personal experience that it really helps to know someone on the ground who can address any little anxieties or concerns – it can all seem rather daunting from afar! I’m also more than happy to meet up with you over a coffee if you’re in London. I’m planning on working here after I graduate, so I’ll likely be around for quite a while!


Full name: Yohannan Nair Kunju Krisnan

Programme: MSc Development Studies

Optional courses taken: DV433: Informal Economy | SP410: Migration Policy | DV462: Refugees and Forced Migration | DV447: Youth and Violence

Home country: Malaysia

Your favourite spot in London: Jazz Café Camden

About me: Hello! My name is Yohannan. I speak 4 languages (English, Malay, Indonesian and Tamil). My background is in Economics, and I used to work as a researcher for a public policy think tank and a management consulting company in Malaysia before enrolling at LSE. During my free time, I enjoy reading (my favourite authors are Stephen King and Ayn Rand) and having meaningful conversations with friends over good food. Apart from studying, I enjoy taking long walks in beautiful parks, visiting museums and watching plays. There’s so much to do in London, and I wish I had more free time! My favourite course this term is DV433 – The Informal Economy – because it offers the perfect balance of theoretical perspectives with empirical evidence and case studies from developing countries across the world. My favourite lecturers are Dr Kate Meagher and Dr Ben Radley; both are incredibly intelligent, kind and supportive. To new offer holders, I can provide study tips, course selection advice, information on cool places to visit in London, and emotional support if needed.


The views expressed in this post are those of the author and in no way reflect those of the International Development LSE blog or the London School of Economics and Political Science. 

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