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False Choice Between Retributive and Restorative Justice

In this article, Monica Adami, recent graduate from Managing Humanitarianism at the LSE, analyses the effectiveness of retributive approaches to justice used in the International Criminal Court system. 

This is the first in a series of articles by Monica Adami on Retributive and Restorative Justice.

It is widespread the belief that the retributive approach does not restore peace because it tends not to satisfy victim justice. The main […]

The Political Economy of Digital Trade and Digital Divide

Shamel Azmeh, former Visiting Fellow from the department, discusses the political economy of digital trade and the importance of developing a framework for international digital trade and e-commerce that does not exacerbate the inequities exposed by traditional trading regimes. 

The increasing digitization of the global economy is changing how products and services are produced, distributed, and sold across borders. Technologies like cloud […]