Uncovering subjective perceptions of Chinese economic development through ethnographic research – A business anthropologist’s notes from the field.

Economic change in China will move hundreds of millions of households from poverty to prosperity. But what does everyday life look like for a Chinese family living through Chinese economic development? As a consultant and ethnographer working for ReD Associates I’d like to share some intimate experiences from my research with a middle-class man who has lived through the country’s […]

Comparisons are Odious! India and China: Economy, Society and Environment

The LSE is pleased to host the annual British Association of South Asian Studies (BASAS) lecture by Professor Barbara Harriss-White on 29 Nov 2013.  Details are below.  The event is ticketed, and LSE staff and students have a number of tickets reserved, so if you are interested, please contact Ingrina Carson at: Further details are at: Comparisons are Odious! […]

The end of US exceptionalism

Professor Danny Quah Professor of Economics and International Development, LSE The phrase “American unipolarity” shows up in many places, but I learnt it most vividly from John Ikenberry’s beautifully-written 2005 article on “Power and liberal order”. There, Ikenberry wrote: “American global power — military, economic, technological, cultural, political — is one of the great realities of our age. Never before […]