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Responding to Intractable Insurgencies: Civil Society, Contested Environments and International (In)Security

This lecture was given by Professor E.A. Brett at the NATO Defense College in Rome today, Thursday 25th September 2014. We meet today in the shadow of continuing counterinsurgencies that have cost thousands of lives and a fortune in financial, moral and political capital. And we meet under the threat of similar insurgencies to come. Any smart future enemy will likely sidestep […]

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Iraq Falling Apart

Professor Jean Paul Faguet Professor of the Political Economy of Development Programme Director, Development Management The speed and violence with which armed insurgents have overrun Iraqi towns and military posts, massacring civilians and spreading fear through the region, has shocked the world. For some years now we in the West have hoped for the best, and preferred not to look […]

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    Student Experience: Sebastian Sahla, MSc Development Management 2011/12

Student Experience: Sebastian Sahla, MSc Development Management 2011/12

During my Masters I spent one day a week as an intern with Global Witness – an NGO which campaigns against natural resource-related conflict and corruption around the world. The internship was my first opportunity to apply some of the theoretical knowledge I was acquiring during my degree in a professional context. Particularly the focus on the links between natural […]

Civil society in Syria (Text written in June 2013)

The following text was written by Professor Mary Kaldor on 17 June 2013. The war in Syria is in the news. Bloody battles, humanitarian tragedies, the use of chemical weapons, high levels talks, arms supplies and arms embargoes can all be learned about in the pages of newspapers, on the television or through the Internet. Yet what is rarely reported is the […]