From ‘civil’ to ‘civic’ conflict? Violence and the city in ‘fragile states’

By past International development, LSE staff members: Tom Goodfellow, Dennis Rodgers & Jo Beall For a fleeting moment during the final decade of the twentieth century, the general trajectory of conflict across the world seemed clear. With the Cold War over, the number of interstate wars was in free-fall and the dominant form of violence was internal, within fragmenting states no […]

How to end Syria’€™s ‘new war’

Professor Mary Kaldor
Director, Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit, LSE

Writing for Al Jazeera America:

The much-delayed Geneva II talks, meant to discuss an end to the war in Syria and scheduled to take place last week, have been postponed once again, with no new date set. Meanwhile, in Syria there will be more deaths, more hardship and disease, more […]

Delivering Food Assistance in a Shrinking Humanitarian Space

Department of International Development public lecture

Date: Tuesday 17 September 2013
Time: 6.30-8pm
Venue: Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House
Speaker: Ertharin Cousin

Conflict and insecurity present a growing challenge to humanitarian agencies as they strive to reach those in need of food assistance. Access is vital if lives are going to be saved and children are to be given the nutritional support they need […]

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Humanitarian development?

Where does conflict end and development begin? Who’s responsible for “early recovery” in the messy continuum between crisis and stability, the “relief-development gap”?  These are not new questions: the international community’s been arguing over the answers for at least the past fifty years. But they are pressing ones. Not only for those of us whose work defies easy categorisation along […]

ID graduates reunite in Myanmar

Dr Tim Forsyth Reader in Environment and Development, LSE Where do ID graduates work after the LSE? Tom Berliner and Bart Roberston have chosen Myanmar. After years of political and economic isolation, Myanmar—previously called Burma—is opening to international investment. Before Myanmar, they took very different paths. Tom, a Londoner, took a first degree in History. He knew he wanted to work […]