Iraq Falling Apart

Professor Jean Paul Faguet Professor of the Political Economy of Development Programme Director, Development Management The speed and violence with which armed insurgents have overrun Iraqi towns and military posts, massacring civilians and spreading fear through the region, has shocked the world. For some years now we in the West have hoped for the best, and preferred not to look […]

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    Student Experience: Sebastian Sahla, MSc Development Management 2011/12

Student Experience: Sebastian Sahla, MSc Development Management 2011/12

During my Masters I spent one day a week as an intern with Global Witness – an NGO which campaigns against natural resource-related conflict and corruption around the world. The internship was my first opportunity to apply some of the theoretical knowledge I was acquiring during my degree in a professional context. Particularly the focus on the links between natural […]

A Special Issue of World Development, 2014

Decentralization and Governance Can decentralization improve a country’s quality of governance? If decentralization achieves anything, it should be to alter the type and quality of relations amongst countries’ different levels of government. That is, it should change governance, with possible effects on the efficiency of public services and the responsiveness of the state to its citizens. But change for the […]

Beyond China and India – Danny Quah

Asia may be thriving, but it still faces real economic constraints and governance challenges. Danny Quah argues that the region needs to be understood as a whole if these issues are to be addressed. Two-thirds of humanity is Asian. This includes the populations of not just the world’s only two-billion-people economies – China and India – but also tiny nation-states […]

Decentralizing the Bolivian Way

Jean-Paul Faguet
Reader in the Political Economy of Development, LSE

The following text is taken from the jobs and development blog at jobs The full article and video interview with Dr Faguet can be seen here.

Over the past 40 years, decentralization – that is, central governments devolving authority and resources to democratically elected sub-national governments – has been taking hold, to […]

Decentralization and Popular Democracy: Governance from Below in Bolivia

By Jean-Paul Faguet Decentralization and Popular Democracy: Governance from Below in Bolivia (University of Michigan Press, 2012) Decentralization is everywhere around us and yet we cannot say what, if anything, it achieves.  Proponents argue that it will deepen democracy, improve public services, and make government more accountable.  These intuitions have prompted a massive policy response across the globe, with an […]

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