Comment on Brett, International Inequality and the Global Crisis. [Part 1]

Guenther Schoenleitner Director, International Financial Institutions Division, Federal Ministry of Finance, Austria (Guenther Schoenleitner writes here in an independent capacity and his comments do not necessary reflect the views and opinions of his employer). This post is a response to Professor Teddy Brett’s October Blog post entitled ‘International Inequality and the Global Crisis – Managing Markets for Sustainable Growth‘ Many thanks for […]

Fertility and wealth in early colonial India: Evidence from widow suicides (satis) in Bengal

Dr Elliott Green Associate Professor of Development Studies, LSE Today there is not much evidence of a straight-forward relationship between fertility and wealth, whether in developed or developing countries.  However, prior to the onset of mortality and fertility decline which characterizes the initial stage of the demographic transition, demographic theories suggest that richer people had more children that the poor.  […]

Comparisons are Odious! India and China: Economy, Society and Environment

The LSE is pleased to host the annual British Association of South Asian Studies (BASAS) lecture by Professor Barbara Harriss-White on 29 Nov 2013.  Details are below.  The event is ticketed, and LSE staff and students have a number of tickets reserved, so if you are interested, please contact Ingrina Carson at: Further details are at: Comparisons are Odious! […]