Aug 5 2010

Recent Awards and Grants to IR Staff

May 2010:
Dr Andrew Walter and Dr Jeff Chwieroth were successful in a STICERD grant application for £5,000 on their “political aftermaths of financial crises” project.

March 2010:
Dr Douglas Bulloch was awarded the annual 2008/9 Political Studies Association Lord Bryce prize for the ‘best dissertation in the field of international relations or comparative studies.  He was invited to their annual conference to receive the award in March 2010.

December 2009:
Professor Kimberly Hutchings was given a Visiting Fellowship at the School of Political Science and International Studies, and was awarded a Travel Award for International Collaborative Research, at the University of Queensland, which was taken up March-April 2010.

October 2009:
Along with Richard Little (Bristol) and John Macmillan (Brunel), Dr George Lawson was awarded c. £20k from the ESRC for a series of workshops on intervention.

Dr Mark Manger received a €100 000 EU International Reintegration Grant.

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