Dec 12 2012

Featured Alumni: Amisha Bagri (BSc in IR, 2010)

Amisha Bagri
BSc in International Relations (2010)

Amisha Bagri received her BSc in IR from LSE in 2010.  She is currently part of the team at the philanthropic consultancy Knighton White.

Amisha Bagri

Amisha Bagri

I graduated with a First Class (BSc) from the London School of Economics in International Relations in 2010. Having thoroughly enjoyed the breadth and depth of the LSE programme I was keen to further explore the nuances and complexities of the geo-political landscape. I spent six months working in the think tank space. I worked on two key projects, one examining the role that US military aid has played on the domestic structure of Pakistan and the other studying the interaction between NGOs and military actors in post-conflict zones. Both projects required analytical skills, presentation abilities and an intellectual curiosity, all areas I had developed at LSE.

Shortly after my stint in the think tank space, I joined Knighton White, a boutique start up consultancy which provides philanthropic advice across all aspects of project management. Here, I have spent my time building both the internal and external dimensions of the business. I was involved in the creation of the management systems, reporting structure and accounting processes. I also managed key client projects and was fortunate enough to lead an international campaign for HRH The Prince of Wales. My passion for global issues, changemaking and social value creation have allowed me to pursue a career that bridges both international affairs and business.

My time at LSE has given me a set of transferable skills and a disciplined attitude. The world-class teaching and diverse student body have enabled me to understand other perspectives and ask pertinent questions.

The study of International Relations has captured my interest and stimulated my desire to be part of our global civil society. I am indebted to the LSE for the head start they have given me in helping launch my career.

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