Aug 4 2016

Research Student Destinations: Richard Mole, Research Fellow, PhD 2003

Dr Richard Mole

Dr Richard Mole

Dr Richard Mole

Andrew W. Mellon Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, UCL (2003-2005)

Lecturer in the Politics of Central Europe, UCL (2004-2010)

Senior Lecturer in Political Sociology, UCL (2010-present)

Thesis Title: National Identity and Foreign Policy in the Baltic States: Perceptions of Self and Other in the External Relations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, 1991-1999 (2003)

Supervisor: Professor Margot Light

“I am a Political Sociologist at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, UCL. My research focuses the relationship between identity and power, with particular reference to nationalism, sexuality, migration and diaspora. I have a theoretical interest in discourse – particularly, the post-structuralist discourse theories of Laclau and Mouffe – and a regional interest in Russia, Poland and the Baltic States.”

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