Sep 19 2017

Research Student Destinations: Cora (Corina) Lacatus, Fellow, PhD 2017

Dr Cora (Corina) Lacatus

Dr Cora (Corina) Lacatus

Career Development Fellow (US Equivalent: Visiting Assistant Professor) 1 June 2017

Thesis Title: The design of national human rights institutions: global patterns of institutional diffusion and strength (2017)

Supervisor: Dr Ulrich Sedelmeier

Cora is a Career Development Fellow at University of Edinburgh and has a double affiliation with the Institute of International Cultural Relations (IICR) and the Politics and International Relations (PIR) Department. She is currently working on a book that investigates institutional strength in the case of national human rights institutions. She is contributing to the development of a new eMSc programme at IICR and also designs core courses on research methods and methodology; the politics of human rights; and different aspects of culture that are relevant for the study of international politics.

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