corruption.blogpostCorruption is not a victimless crime. With the effects of corruption and money laundering very much on the agenda of recent speeches by UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, and with growing public and political interest in a better understanding of the  drivers of corruption, the JSRP recently held a two-day retreat at St. George’s House, Windsor, to debate the issues.

Although the seminar had a primary focus on only four case studies – Afghanistan, Nigeria, north-east Africa, and Ukraine – discussions ranged across a wide variety of other cases including Bosnia, Iraq, Syria, the UK and the US, demonstrating the global impact of corruption.

The new JSRP report ‘Corruption, Protest and Militancy‘ summarises the discussions and explores the relevance of the JSRP’s ongoing work on the contending logics of the ‘political marketplace’ and ‘moral populism’.   Whilst it stops short of offering specific policy recommendations, the report concludes with a series of key points for reflection.

* The image above was drawn by cartoonist Eray Ozbek as part of JSRP partner The Cartoon Movement‘s 2011 project on the Millennium Development Goals.