Cartoon 2The JSRP is pleased to publish the second cartoon series depicting the ‘political marketplace’ as it functions in South Sudan, with text by Alex de Waal and artwork by Victor Ndula. The project was co-sponsored by the Cartoon Movement, the Justice and Security Research Programme and the World Peace Foundation.

To read the entire cartoon please click on the image to the right. Or for part one please see here.




For more on the political marketplace and South Sudan please see:

de Waal, Alex and Mohammed, Abdul (2014) ‘Breakdown in South Sudan: What Went Wrong — and How to Fix It’Foreign Affairs, 1 January.

De Waal, Alex (2015) The Real Politics of the Horn of Africa: money, war and the business of power (London: Polity Press).

Tom Kirk (2015) – The Brutal Logic of the Political Marketplace (Blog)



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