Whose Justice Anyway - South Sudan Cartoon MovementThe JSRP is pleased to publish the third cartoon series depicting ordinary citizens’ struggle for justice in South Sudan, with a script by Rachel Ibreck, Godfrey Bulla Alex de Waal and artwork by Victor Ndula. The project was co-sponsored by the Cartoon Movement, the Justice and Security Research Programme and the World Peace Foundation.

Please click on the image on the right to access the full cartoon.



For more on justice and South Sudan please see:

Justice Africa (2015) ‘Justice in Practice: South Sudan’.

Hopwood, Julian (2015) ‘Elephants Abroad and in the Room: explicit and implicit security, justice and protection issues on the Uganda/South Sudan border’   JSRP Paper 22.

O’Byrne, Ryan (2015) ‘Deities, Demons and Outsiders: the cosmological dimensions of (In)security and (In)justice in Pajok, South Sudan’, JSRP Paper 21