A Cartoon Exhibition and a Panel Discussion on The Politics of Cartoons in Central Africa’

December 12th 2016 – 1600, Zebra Straat, Ghent.

Chairs: Tatiana Carayannis (Social Science Research Council) & Koen Vlassenroot (Conflict Research Group)

“Kash” Kashauri Thembo Muhindo
Leading Congolese illustrator and comic strip caricaturist based in Kinshasa

Barly Baruti
Congolese comics writer and artist, co-founder of the Atelier de Création et de l’Initiation à l’Art in Kinshasa

Alain Brezault
Novelist, essayist and scenarist of comic strips

Tjeerd Royaards
Video Journalist/Cartoon Movement in Amsterdam

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