TJSRP staff in Guluhe JSRP drew to a close in 2017 but many of the researchers and partners involved in the programme continue to work on the issues and theories developed during the lifetime of the programme.

Tim Allen now directs the Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa (FLCA) at LSE where many of the JSRP research team working on northern Uganda and South Sudan are taking forward their research within the Centre for Public Authority and International Development (CPAID).

Mary Kaldor directs the Conflict and Civil Society Unit at LSE where she holds a major 4-year grant from DfID for the Conflict Research Programme (CRP), which is undertaking research on violence in the Horn of Africa and the Middle East.  Several of the JSRP staff are now working with CRP.

JSRP partners at the Social Science Research Council and Ghent University work with both CPAID and CRP where they are continuing their work on DRCongo and supporting the further development of their Congolese research teams.   The World Peace Foundation at Tufts University is also working with CPAID and CRP through Research Director Alex de Waal, with particular emphasis on South Sudan, Somalia and the Horn of Africa.

Outputs from the final year of JSRP will be posted to this site as they are published.   If you have questions about the work of the programme please use our contact email.