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    Uncovering Relationships between Resource Governance, Public Authority and (In)Security

Uncovering Relationships between Resource Governance, Public Authority and (In)Security

In this blog, Tom Kirk, Jeroen Cuvelier and Koen Vlassenroot explore the JSRP’s Evidence Paper on ‘Resources, Conflict and Governance’ and briefly outline how the programme’s research is beginning to address the paper’s concerns over a lack of literature on resource governance in conflict-affected areas.

The JSRP has focussed on places – including parts of the DRC, South Sudan, CAR […]

Engaging with non-state actors in fragile settings

“Local people should actually question international agencies on their legitimacy, and we should listen to the voices of the poor… Why is it so difficult for representatives of international agencies to make this shift?”

– Mareike Schomerus, Justice and Security Research Programme
Mareike Schomerus and Koen Vlassenroot of the Justice and Security Research Programme were participants in last month’s round-table debate […]

July 2nd: Evidence & Power Conference at LSE

Can evidence really drive development policy, or do power and politics always trump in the end?  Join experts from the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), The Asia Foundation (TAF), ActionAid, the London School of Economics (LSE), Tufts University, Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and the University of Manchester for a day of debate, discussion and workshops on the evolving […]

The NGO-fication of Goma

How does the arrival of nearly 100 humanitarian and development organizations’ logistics headquarters and staff change a developing world capital? In the case of the D.R. Congo’s Goma, the answer is: a lot. And not only in good ways.

In their March article in OpenDemocracy, The humanitarian industry and urban change in Goma, JSRP Senior Researcher Koen Vlassenroot and Dr Karen […]