Advocacy in conflict: “half-truths” on behalf of the powerful?

Does contemporary western activism speak truth to power — or half-truths on behalf of the powerful?  These questions were the subject of a recent seminar on Advocacy in Conflict hosted by the World Peace Foundation (WP) at Tufts University.

The WP seminar eschewed the traditional conference format of presentations followed by Q&A in favour of frank discussions among a small […]

UPDATED: Africa in the 2011 Libyan conflict: the inside story

 “[Intervention] is a high and summary procedure which may sometimes snatch a remedy beyond the reach of law. Nevertheless, it must be admitted that in the case of Intervention, as in that of Revolution, its essence is illegality and its justification is its success.’
– Sir William Harcourt, 1862.
From: African roles in the Libyan conflict of 2011.
JSRP Research Director Alex […]