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During the final year of its operational phase the JSRP has been producing a series of Policy Briefs outlining the evidence and ideas that have shaped its work:

1) De Waal, Alex (2016)  ‘Introduction to the Political Marketplace for Policymakers’,  JSRP Policy Brief 1, March.

2) De Waal, Alex (2016)  ‘A Political Marketplace Analysis of South Sudan’s “Peace”‘,  JSRP Policy Brief 2, March.

3) Hoffmann, Kasper, and Vlassenroot, Koen (2016)  ‘The Challenges of Multi-Layered Security Governance in Ituri’,  JSRP Policy Brief 3, May.

4) Verweijen, Judith (2016) ‘Between ‘Justice’ and ‘Injustice: Justice Populaire in the Eastern DRCongo‘, JSRP Policy Brief 4, August.

5) De Waal, Alex, and Ibreck, Rachel (2016) ‘Towards Community Protection: Chiefs’ Courts in UN Protection of Civilians Sites, South Sudan‘, JSRP Policy Brief 5, October

6) De Waal, A., Ibreck, R., Logan, H., and Pendle, N. (2017) ‘Advancing Justice: a Local Approach to Courts in South Sudan‘, JSRP Policy Brief 6, January

7) Hopwood, J. (2017) ‘Land Conflict and Security in Acholi, northern Uganda‘, JSRP Policy Brief 7, February




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