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Although a cross-cutting consortium theme, this page contains research that focuses on the provision and perceptions of public authority in the JSRP’s research locations. These studies and papers were informed by the evidence and literature reviews conducted at the consortium’s outset.




Kapidzic, D. ‘Public Authority Beyond Hybrid Governance: creating throughput legitimacy in northern Uganda’Peacebuilding, (March 2018)


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Schouten, Peer (2016)  ‘Extractive Orders: a Political Geography of Public Authority in Ituri, Democratic Republic of Congo’   JSRP Paper 30 (April 2016)

Tapscott, Rebecca (2016) ‘Local Security and the (Un)Making of Public Authority in Gulu, northern UgandaAfrican Affairs, 1-21.

Tapscott, Rebecca (2016) ‘Preventing Change and Protecting the Regime: Crime Preventers, Local Livelihoods, and the 2016 Ugandan Elections’JSRP Paper 31 (April 2016)



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Other publications

Research Briefs:

Unravelling Public Authority: Paths of Hybrid Governance in Africa‘, K. Meagher, T. De Herdt and K. Titeca (March 2014)

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