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Between 2012 and 2016 the Justice and Security Research Programme (JSRP) and The Asia Foundation (TAF) collaborated on a research project exploring Theory of Change (ToC) approaches to international development practice.  The project was launched in April 2012 and involved staff from both organisations. The research and outputs from the collaboration aim to provide a basis for development organisations to produce more empirically-grounded theories of how change happens, leading to improved development programming. The collaboration between a research consortium and an NGO should also allow for better integration of wider social science research findings into tangible meanings for field practitioners.

A key output from the collaboration is the series of Theories in Practice working papers that critically interrogate specific interventions by TAF and other development practitioners within the framework of their associated ToC approaches. Companion papers explore aspects of the wider literature on ToC thinking and the ways in which this is being used in current aid programming.

Researchers from JSRP have been hosted by TAF country offices in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste, Philippines, Cambodia, Pakistan and Myanmar.  Papers from the collaboration are listed below.

In September 2016 we were deeply saddened to learn of the untimely death of Svetlana Djurdjevic-Lukic who undertook research on Timor-Leste for the JSRP-TAF collaboration.  Her paper on community policing marks her insightful contribution to the project.

Adam, Jeroen and Flaam, Hélène (2016) ‘I am Nobody: Grievances, Organic Members, and the MILF in Muslim Mindanao’,  JSRP Paper 29

Adam, Jeroen and Vanden Boer, Dorien (2015) Conflict Mediation and Traditional Authority in Lanao del Sur, Mindanao’, JSRP Paper 26

Adam, Jeroen, Verbrugge, Boris and Vanden Boer, Dorien, ‘Hybrid Systems of Conflict Management and Community-Level Efforts to Improve Local Security in Mindanao’JSRP Paper 13 (March 2014).

Adam, Jeroen, Verbrugge, Boris and Vanden Boer, Dorien, ‘Peacemaking and State-Society Interactions in Conflict-torn Mindanao, Philippines’, JSRP Paper 18 (August 2014)

Babovic, Marija and Vukovic, Danilo, ‘Social Accountability in Cambodia‘, JSRP Paper 19 (August 2014)

Djurdjevic-Lukic, Svetlana, ‘Community Policing and Community Security: Theory and Practice in Timor-Leste’JSRP Paper 16 (June 2014).

Jayasundere, Ramani and Valters, Craig, Women’s Experiences of Local Justice: community mediation in Sri Lanka‘, JSRP Paper 10 (January 2014).

Khanal, Mukesh and Thapa, Preeti, Community Mediation and Social Harmony in Nepal’JSRP Companion Paper (October 2014)

Kirk, Tom, Legal Aid Lawyers and Paralegals: Promoting Access to Justice and Negotiating Hybridity in Timor-Leste‘, JSRP Paper 14 (June 2014)

Kirk, Tom, ‘Citizen-Led Accountability and Inclusivity in Pakistan‘, JSRP Paper 20 (December 2014)

Rowland, Nicholas and Smith, Claire Q., ‘Rebuilding State-Society Relations in Post-War States: Assessing a Theory of Change Approach to Local Governance Reform in Timor Leste’JSRP Paper 15 (June 2014).

Schomerus, Mareike and Seckinelgin, Hakan, ‘Evidence-based Policymaking in Myanmar? Considerations of a post-conflict development dilemma‘ JSRP Paper 25 (July 2015).

Stein, Danielle, Community Mediation and Social Harmony in Nepal’JSRP Paper 5 (May 2013).

Stein, Danielle, and Suykens, Bert, Land Disputes and Settlement Mechanisms in Nepal’s Terai’JSRP Paper 12a (March 2014).

Stein, Danielle, and Valters, Craig, Understanding “Theory of Change” in International Development’JSRP Paper 1 (July 2012).

Suykens, Bert, and Stein, Danielle, ‘Neutrality, Party Politics and Community Mediation in Central and West Terai, Nepal’,  JSRP Paper 12 (March 2014).

Valters, Craig, Community Mediation and Social Harmony in Sri Lanka‘, JSRP Paper 4 (May 2013).

Valters, Craig, Theories of Change in International Development: Communication, Learning or Accountability?‘, JSRP Paper 17 (August 2014)

Verbrugge, Boris, and Adam, Jeroen (2016) ‘Questioning the State-Rebel Divide in Mindanao: a comparative analysis of N. Cotabato and Compostela Valley Province’ Asian Journal of Social Science Vol 44 (1-2)


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