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The Video Journalism Movement (VJM) is a partner in the JSRP consortium and provides a rich platform for journalistic videos, comment and cartoons, many of which are inspired by the key JSRP research questions.  The VJM is a collaboration of more than 150 professional video journalists from around the world who believe “There is more than one truth”.  The VJM platform offers different perspectives on a story and lets the viewer decide.

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The Cartoon Movement (CM) forms part of the VJM and has worked with JSRP to visualise aspects of its research through infographics, comic strips and cartoons.  In 2012 the JSRP hosted an exhibition of cartoons selected by the CM, on topics related to justice and security. In April 2015 the CM ran a further competition for cartoons to feature in the LSE Africa Summit and the CM’s Tjeerd Royaards spoke at the Summit’s Research Session.

The JSRP has worked closely with the Cartoon  Movement and with Kenyan cartoonist Victor Ndula to produce a series of infographic comics that visualise research findings from South Sudan.  The first of these, “Who got What in South Sudan?” follows the fortunes of the world’s newest state,  the second, ‘South Sudan: The Price of War, The Price of Peace’, examines the prospects for peace, and the third ‘Whose Land? Whose Law? Whose Citizens?‘ examines the challenges for citizens seeking justice over land rights.   All three infographic comics featured at a public exhibition held in the LSE Atrium during January 2017.

Some of the JSRP research in northern Uganda has focused on ways of seeking justice for instances of rape and sexual violence.  During 2016 site leader Dr Holly Porter worked closely with cartoonist Victor Ndula to achieve a sensitive portrayal of forms of justice for the perpetrators of sexual violence in two very differing situations.  The results of their collaboration can be found here.







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