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The focus of core JSRP research is on the border region between the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic, South Sudan and northern Uganda.  The multidisciplinary teams are working at a series of research sites to undertake both a detailed study of the realities on the ground and an analysis of the impact of interventions (or lack of them) on issues of local (in)justice and (in)security.  As the programme moves into its final phase, research findings are being examined in the context of the JSRP’s theoretical frameworks and logics of understanding, which centre on the relationship between the Political Marketplace, Moral Populism and Public Mutuality.

The JSRP has also extended its work into Asia through a 3-year collaboration with The Asia Foundation on a project examining the use of  Theory of Change approaches to development.  In order to understand how justice and security programming might better serve the end-user, researchers from JSRP have been hosted by TAF offices and have critically examined particular Theories of Change and analysed their appropriateness and efficacy within the specific local political and social context.    Locations for this collaboration have included Burma, Cambodia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Timor-Leste, and Sri Lanka.  Further information and outputs from the project can be found here.

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