Feb 22 2013

Languages: the state of the Nation

Report CoverThe British Academy has just published the report

Languages: The State of the Nation. Demand and supply of language skills in the UK

Some of the key findings of the report:

  •  There is strong evidence that the UK is suffering from a growing deficit in foreign language skills at a time when globally, the demand for language skills is expanding
  • The range and nature of languages being taught is insufficient to meet current and future demand
  • Language skills are needed at all levels in the workforce, and not simply by an internationally-mobile elite
  • A weak supply of language skills is pushing down demand and creating a vicious circle of monolingualism
  • Languages spoken by British school children, in addition to English, represent a valuable future source of supply – if these skills can be developed appropriately.

There is clearly room for improvement and also scope for reform.

The full report can be accessed here



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