Feb 25 2013

Tonight: Heart of Dog

LSE ‘Space for Thought’ Literary Festival Presents: Heart of a Dog

Free Event – 25 February, 19:00, Old Theatre

Tonight LSE students present an adaptation of the satirical novella Heart of a Dog which lampoons the emerging totalitarian system with its exposé of medical science gone mad.

heart of a dog

Mikhail Bulgakov was like his great Russian precursor Anton Chekhov, a full time doctor as well as a writer. In the 1920s and 1930s he was dogged simultaneously by disease and the constant threat of reprisals by Stalin as the Soviet Union headed toward the Great Purge. His 1925 work The Heart of A Dog anticipates both the unreal and sinister atmosphere of this period and the proto -magic realism of his classic Master and Margarita.


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