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Meet Beatrice Webb – LSE co-founder and social reformer

Blog editor Hayley Reed introduces Beatrice Webb (1858-1943), one of the four founders of the London School of Economics and Political Science. Born 22 January 1858, Beatrice Webb (nee Potter) became a leading social reformer, Fabian Society member, co-founder of LSE and prolific diarist. Her diaries are available at the LSE Digital Library.
Early years
Beatrice’s accomplishments are a testament to her […]

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    Finding ‘buried’ data on South Asia at LSE Library   

Finding ‘buried’ data on South Asia at LSE Library   

In response to a BBC article requesting for further information about other collections of ‘missing’ or not widely known data, Inderbir Bhullar looks at LSE’s holding of South Asian statistical material (India and the subcontinent, pre- and post-Independence) revealing that many of the 9,577 titles may be unique to LSE Library.

In January 2016 an article by Justin Rowlatt, the BBC’s South Asia […]

Professor Barna’s Social Survey of Stepney

In 1946 Professor Tibor Barna led around 100 LSE student volunteers in a ‘Social Survey of Stepney’ and their findings are among his papers in LSE Library. The goal was to interview real Eastenders about their lives against the backdrop of postwar re-imagination of London’s East End. Inderbir Bhullar explores the archives.

This blog is about a story which, unfortunately, […]

The Guillebaud Report, the NHS and LSE

As the NHS reaches its 70th anniversary, LSE Library’s Inderbir Bhullar explores the involvement of LSE’s Richard Titmuss and Brian Abel-Smith in the 1953 Guillebaud Report on the costs of the NHS.

On 5 July 2018 the NHS celebrates its 70th birthday. The anniversary will likely focus on how it came to be born as part of William Beveridge’s revolutionary plans for reformed social […]

William Beveridge and his Report

LSE Library’s current exhibition, A Time for Revolutions: The Making of the Welfare State, coincides with the 75th anniversary of the publication of the Beveridge Report and shows the development of social welfare in Britain from the Poor Laws to Universal Credit. Exhibition curator Inderbir Bhullar, looks at William Beveridge via his archives and his connections to LSE.

A telegram […]

James Meade and the GATT

LSE professor James Meade was a Nobel Prize-winning economist whose work shaped twentieth century international trade policy. His archives are held by LSE Library and featured in the exhibition A Wealth of Ideas: economics and LSE. Inderbir Bhullar, Curator of Economics and Social Policy at LSE Library, discusses Meade’s work along with that of LSE stalwarts Lionel Robbins and Hugh Dalton.

Trade agreements are […]

Charles Booth’s London – mapping Victorian lives

LSE Library’s Inderbir Bhullar explores the UNESCO inscripted Charles Booth archive, the LSE connection and how the archive came to LSE Library. The archive encompasses Charles Booth’s investigation into poverty in Victorian London and includes the Booth Maps.

A diary entry by Beatrice Webb from April 1886 records her attendance at the first meeting of a fledgling group of social investigators called […]

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    Beatrice Webb, Clara Collet and Charles Booth’s Survey of London

Beatrice Webb, Clara Collet and Charles Booth’s Survey of London

Inderbir Bhullar, LSE Library, shares the story of the women behind Charles Booth’s Survey of London. Posts about LSE’s Library explore the history of the Library and its collections.

At LSE, we’re fortunate to have a fascinating collection of material from what is often referred to as the Charles Booth Survey of London. This survey and all the laboriously collected data which […]