Diplomatic Relations After The Iran Nuclear Deal

With the US Congress just a week away from voting on the Iran nuclear deal – a historic deal that has already improved relations between Iran and the West – LSE Associate Professor of International History, Dr Roham Alvandi, spoke to BBC News about UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond’s visit to Iran.  The Foreign Secretary was in Iran to re-open Britain’s embassy, which […]

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Reparations & Justice: Re-Appraising Imperialism

In this post for LSE International History, John Hemmings provides a thought-provoking analysis on the history of imperialism in India and its use in modern-day politics. He argues that concepts such as reparations and justice – a theme at a recent Oxford Union debate – must be addressed in a way that is itself just. Concepts such as reparations […]

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Crisis in Greece: Will History Repeat Itself?

Against the backdrop of political and economic crisis in Greece, Savas Manoussakis writes a timely piece on whether Greece’s recent history will repeat itself. Mr Manoussakis argues that Syriza may be able to correct, and prevent a repeat of, the disastrous failures of its predecessors but provided it takes ownership of some of the measures imposed by the Troika […]

Broadening the concept of the Holocaust

In this post for LSE International History, Dr Roch Dunin-Wąsowicz provides an “untold” story of the history of the Holocaust and Nazi concentration camps, one based on the personal experiences of his grandfather at the diverse and “very last Nazi Concentration Camp of Stutthof.” Dr Dunin-Wąsowicz argues for a broadened and nuanced approach to the concept of the Holocaust.

Three weeks ago, […]

Economic Sanctions: Past & Future

In this post for LSE International History, Borja Guijarro-Usobiaga discusses the past, present and future of sanctions. The article analyses the evolution and effectiveness of sanctions as a deterrence and punishment mechanism. Mr Guijarro-Usobiaga argues that sanctions have come a long-way since the 1990s and do constitute an effective means through which to enforce international norms. They do not, […]

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The Legitimacy of Russia’s Actions in Ukraine

In this post for LSE International History, Björn Alexander Düben analyses the recent outbreak of conflict in Ukraine. In the article, Dr Düben examines Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine and its annexation of Ukrainian territory. Dr Düben argues that Russia’s claims to parts of Ukraine and its annexation of territory in the country has little basis in history and the parameters of international […]

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Departmental Welcome

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Department of International History Blog. In recent years, the importance of social media in disseminating research and expertise has increased and the Department is pleased to be part of this modern approach to academic research and excellence. This Blog combines historical analysis with contemporary affairs. It provides students and […]

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