We have been busy over the summer on a number of projects which affect the content or framework of LSE for You and the way in which it integrates with third party services.

Research Students have been included in Graduate Course Choice and will now be able to select their taught courses using the same screens as Taught Masters students.  Amongst other benefits Departments who wish to control access to their seminars should now also be able to include Research Students when assessing demand for their teaching.

We have been asked to roll class register absence notes out to a wider audience and these will now be issued to Taught Masters students in addition to Undergraduates. Please let your class teachers know in advance if you are likely to miss a class so that they don’t mark you as absent.

Departmental Tutors should benefit from a re-working of the screens which are used to handle requests from students who want to switch class groups – we have added options to allow students to be allocated directly into a group, the summary page should load up more quickly and you can opt to get an email when requests are received.

The PhD log is another application which has been re-visited. We have tried to both simplify and add flexibility to the workflow – supervisors should now find that they can initiate a log entry.

Behind the scenes we’ve been working on a big project with our colleagues in the Centre for Learning Technology to optimise the flow of data between Moodle and LSE for You – more information about this may be found at https://lfy.lse.ac.uk/lfy/ap/public/lfymoodle/lfy_moodle_project.html

Apart from the work on applications within LSE for You we have completed a substantial amount of work on a new Course and Programmes Information System – this provides workflow and management for the creation and maintenance of the School’s Courses and Programmes of Study. This year’s course guides were generated from this system, and incorporate survey and other additional data to help students find the right course. Other systems that have had enhancements and maintenance include the Wallet and SU Elections.

Finally, we hope that you find the new ‘Search’ feature in LSE for You useful. At present it searches ‘meta data’ or ‘tags’ about applications within the portal – so, for example, if you search for ‘attendance’ or ‘registers’ you should find the class register pages. We have another project in mind which will allow you to search the data within applications, to support searches like ‘AC100’.

We are always interested in feedback and suggestions about our applications: you can reach the team behind LSE for You by emailing lfy@lse.ac.uk.