The Academic Registrar’s Division have recently completed a migration to a new online applicant handling system. This is a remotely hosted system. There are a number of challenges when implementing a new system like this, in particular around identity management and integration with existing systems. The Enterprise Development Team have worked in partnership with the ARD and their supplier, Talisma, on the integration side of this project. We have re-factored our identity management system (LSE Public Accounts) and our Central Authentication Service in such a way that prospective students will have an identity in our systems, and will log in using our authentication service. This will enable our current users to use their existing login details if they wish to apply for another programme of study at the School. Applicants will get an account that they will be able to continue to use should they take up a place at the LSE. As well as security benefits and convenience for the user the School will benefit from having a single identity for a person in both the application handling and on-site databases, which will support the transfer of data between these systems and allow for an integrated and flexible provision of services for our customers.