utopiaUtopia Documents is a free PDF reader that connects the static content of scientific articles to the dynamic world of online content. It brings up-to-date information directly to your desktop, with a fresh new perspective, combining the convenience and reliability of the PDF with the flexibility and power of the web.

Get immediate access to an article’s metadata and browse the relationship it has with the world at large. Generate a formatted citation for use in your own work, follow bibliographic links to cited articles, get your hands on a document’s data at the click of a button.

Various extensions provide links to the blogosphere, online data sources and to social media sites, so you can see what other researchers have been saying about not only the article you’re reading, but its subject matter too.

Explore Citations:
Utopia Documents allows readers to explore cited literature more easily. Working closely with publishers such as Springer, open access journals such as eLife, and repositories such as PMC, we’ve been able to allow readers to navigate directly to cited articles (where available) or to find an article’s online presence.

Browse Article Figures:
Utopia Documents’ figure browser makes it easy to see the illustrations in an article, providing a graphical overview of a paper’s content, and an easy way to navigate from figure to figure.

Investigate Claims:
Utopia Documents makes it easy to explore an article’s content and claims, and investigate other recent articles that discuss the same or similar topics.

Utopia Documents can be downloaded from here.

Free for Linux, Mac and Windows.