Spammers and hackers are always trying to gain access to email accounts, but LSE is a particular target.

LSE has a strong reputation

If an email is sent from an LSE address, receivers are more likely to open it. Spammers and hackers are hoping to trick even more people by getting them to open suspicious emails in the first place.

LSE is a valuable target

Stealing a username and password brings hackers and spammers a step closer to other useful information, such as research data and personal details of high-profile academics. High-profile academics and other important members of the School also often have valuable contact lists that hackers and spammers can steal and use.

Once a spammer has access to an account, they will often use it to send out even more spam, to try and trick people into giving away valuable personal information or even money.

Remember to keep your username and password safe. If you receive a suspicious email that attempts to pressure you into giving away these important details, it’s most likely a scam. Delete it immediately. If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of an email, contact the IT Service Desk: / 020 7107 5000