IMT are pleased to announce we now have a home user license for the Stata SE application, available to staff and postgraduate research students (PGR) only.  Stata is a powerful integrated software package for data analysis, data management and graphics.

Previously, the School did not have a home use licence for Stata SE.  Now we can offer all staff and PGR students free access to the software on their laptops/personally owned devices, to allow for offline working.  The software is already available on campus-based computers and the Remote Desktop.

Our home use licence agreement is for an initial 12 month period, after which we will review the status of usage across the School, as well as the home use demand to determine whether the licence should be renewed and extended.

Please note: this licence does not cover the MP2 edition of the software which will be available via the High Performance Computing (HPC) environment following its launch.

Our Stata portal is now available, please see here for instructions on how to register, download and activate your home use copy of Stata SE for your laptop or home PC.

The application is available to Windows, Mac OSX and Linux users.