Over the past few months there have been a number of significant developments with the High Performance Computing (HPC) service (known as Fabian) details of which can be found at lse.ac.uk/hpc. Notably, we now offer a new getting started guide which describes how to login, transfer files and run jobs on Fabian as well as introductory and bespoke training workshops. 

The workshops available are as follows:

  • Title: An Introduction to HPC and Fabian
  • Description: This session gives an overview of HPC and shows you how to perform basic task. Scheduled monthly on 18/8, 22/9, 27/10 and 24/11.
  • Title: Migrating to Fabian
  • Description: This workshop covers how you can transition work to Fabian and improve performance. This will contain a hands-on segment to help you get your applications and data running. Scheduled for 1/9 and 29/9.
  • Title: HPC Surgeries/One-to-One Sessions
  • Description: At these bespoke sessions members of the HPC team help you transfer your work to Fabian and to identify areas for improvement. Scheduled as requested.

To make a booking, please visit the Training and Development System: https://apps.lse.ac.uk/training-system/ and search for “HPC” to see all our workshops and the scheduled dates/availability.

If you have any questions about Fabian or HPC in general please contact fabian@lse.ac.uk.