The next LSE Python User Group event will feature Tariq Rashid on ‘A Gentle Introduction to Neural Networks … and making your own with Python’.

Taking place on Tuesday 28 February between 6 – 8pm in NAB.2.04, all are welcome and light refreshments will be served.

Session Synopsis: 

Neural networks are not only a powerful data science tool, they’re at the heart of recent breakthroughs in deep learning and artificial intelligence.

This talk, designed for a complete beginners and anyone non-technical, will introduce the history and ideas behind neural networks. You won’t need anything more than basic school maths. We’ll also see how we can make our own neural network in Python with just a few lines of code.

There will even be a live demo of a simple neural network trained to recognise hand-written numbers!

To RSVP, please contact: (catering purposes only)

Tariq Rashid has had an amazing journey over the last 25 years thanks to open source – through science and art, writing and teaching, government technology and start-ups. He helps run the London Python meet up group.